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New interior decorating business in CranbrookPosted: June 24, 2012

Adrienne Gerein has always loved colours, textures and making surroundings beautiful for herself and others. Over the years she has helped family and friends redecorate their homes and offices, then got into the actual down and dirty of renovating spaces.

“This is something I’ve always wanted to do,” she said. I love the challenge of taking a space apart and putting it back together in a new, functional and esthetically pleasing way. And if we can’t provide a specialized service needed to complete the project we can recommend local contractors who can.”

She graduated from International Career School Canada In December 2010 as a Certified Interior Decorator. “I did it while working full time but it was so worthwhile; I learned a lot.

“I acquired the Chief Architect computer program before graduating and started working with it,” Gerein continued. “I wasn’t allowed to use it to do any of the coursework, though, as everything had to be hand drawn because they want you to learn the basics first.

“The Chief Architect program allows me to generate actual visuals of a room, office, whole house or building with attendant furnishings, wall colours, windows and floor coverings. It is such a great tool. Most people have difficulty visualizing what the finished product will look like. With this program they can see the possibilities and change things to suit their lifestyle and tastes accordingly.

“The program also works with renovations or just giving a new look to existing rooms. Sometimes a coat of paint, decluttering, new window treatments and an accent rug can revitalize your living space entirely. I often do a lot of the custom accessories myself as I’ve been sewing for more than 25 years.”

In addition she offers staging services to realtors and homeowners wishing to sell their homes, seasonal decorating and gift certificates. “Many men are totally stumped for a wedding, anniversary, Christmas or birthday gift for their significant other,” she added. “What a great idea to give a room makeover. I’m also available if a person only wants someone to go furniture shopping with or to pick out flooring or paint colors. No job too big or small.”

For more information about Interior Designs by Adrienne go to: or phone 250-489-9563, email [email protected]

Above photo: Adrienne Gerein, Certified Interior Decorator, has recently started Interior Designs by Adrienne in Cranbrook.


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