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Posted: June 20, 2014

Want to learn how to grow lemons and orchids?

You live in the mountains in Canada. Growing lemons is not an option, right?

Wrong. A man from Saskatchewan has developed a type of lemon that grows in that even less likely clime for tropical fruit production.

That man, N.P.M. Nair (pictured above) or ‘Nair’, from Saskatoon, is an expert on growing food plants indoors and in low light. In particular he specializes in lemon trees for which he is now famous for having developed the ‘Centurion’ after 36 years of plant breeding this variety.

Nair is coming to Invermere for a special workshop at Groundswell Network’s Community Greenhouse tomorrow (June 21), from 9 to 11:30 a.m.

“A lemon tree that produces tasty big lemons from Saskatchewan of all places – surely it will grow here too right? Gotta take his workshop to find out more,” stated Groundswell Network’s Bill Swan.

“A visit to Nair’s house, which I did in April, is also amazing for the hundreds of orchids he grows in a personal experiment at reducing his personal carbon footprint (he had to throttle it back from the over 700 orchid plants because it was getting a ‘bit out of hand’),” Swan said.

“Orchids have an interesting physiological ability to produce oxygen at night, unlike regular plants around us. This makes them excellent indoor air cleaners along with other CAM type plants you can grow at home. They also have stunningly beautiful flowers! Nair will also share his growing techniques and secrets to successfully grow orchids and keep them flowering in your house.

To find out more about Nair and orchids check out

To register for either or both workshops Go to the Groundswell www.groundswellnetwork.ca  and click on events http://groundswellnetwork.ca/events-calendar/

“We still have a few orchid plants (in bloom) left for workshop participants who want to buy one with their registration. These are great workshops with a unique individual – bring your mom, a friend and take them together!” Swan said.


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