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The Viking spirit lives on at the Sochi Olympics

Perceptions, by Gerry Warner So who was sitting on top of the Olympic Winter Games medal standings as of Friday morning? Canada with its ‘Own the Podium’ program? Host Russia, which has thrown more money at the Olympics than any … > Read More

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God, the ‘God Particle’ and what it all means

Perceptions by Gerry Warner And now they’ve discovered the ‘God particle,’ according to media headlines that flashed around the world earlier this week. This supposed particle is believed to have originated during the so-called ‘Big Bang’ that created the universe … > Read More

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Only poetry can do justice to B.C. politics

Perceptions by Gerry Warner “There are strange things done in the midnight sun . . .” wrote Canada’s greatest poet more than 100 years ago and if Robert Service was alive today I’m sure he’d start his great epic a … > Read More

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Militant union; incompetent government – students lose both ways

Perceptions by Gerry Warner A plague on both of their houses. But a bigger plague on the house of the B.C. Teachers’ Federation (BCTF), which has to bear the brunt of the blame for the dysfunctional education system we have … > Read More

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Brave or foolish 2012 political predictions?

Perceptions by Gerry Warner It’s that time of the year again when yours truly goes out on the proverbial limb and reveals how much or how little political sagacity he really has with his annual New Year’s Political Predictions. If … > Read More

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