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Submissions/Press Releases

East Kootenay News Online Weekly (e-KNOW) intends to become the true voice of the East Kootenay. In order for that to happen, we need to hear from the residents of this region, who wish to share their opinions about what is going on.

We welcome all submissions, be they letters to the editor, press releases, community club columns, Op-Ed submissions, sports club submissions, show advances etc.

Send your press releases with pictures (horizontal 600 x 400 pixels)

Please send in at least 2 weeks before event to  [email protected]


Letters to the Editor

Like any good newspaper should, we offer readers a chance to participate in the ongoing dialogue of our regional community by submitting Letters to the Editor. We have a great right in Canada called ‘freedom of the press’ or ‘freedom of expression’ and the best way to maintain that right is to use it and have your say. The more ideas put forward, the more opinions and viewpoints put forward for society to consider and the better off we all are.

Send your letters to: [email protected]


e-KNOW’s editorial policy

We reserve the right to edit submissions for taste, legal reasons, length and advertorial content. We also reserve the right to edit when needed, with Canadian Press Style and basic grammar in mind.

General length should be in the 500 word range, though one of the beauties of online newspapers is we aren’t constrained by the limits of available column inches between advertising.

Your letters must include your full name, the community in which you live and a day time phone number or email address.

Submitting columnists retain the rights to their pieces, but by submitting it to e-KNOW, you are giving us the right to run it as we see fit.

Many op-ed submissions are made by elected officials in federal, provincial and local governments. Some submissions are paid advertorials and those items will be noted as such.

If you wish to make a submission to e-KNOW, please email it to[email protected]


Opinion Pieces

An Op-ed, or opinion editorial, is a narrative essay that presents the writer’s opinion or thoughts about an issue. Traditionally published in print media opposite the editorial page (hence the term “op-ed”). Op-eds can raise awareness about a particular topic or aim to persuade others and can substantiate the writer as an expert on a subject. Op-eds are also discussion of news topics with a point of view, including narratives by individuals regarding their own experiences.

These articles generally come from an author not affiliated with the media publisher and are used to publish an opinion that is meant to create thought and discussion among readers.

There is a clear separation of news columns from the editorial and op-ed columns. This separation is intended to serve the reader, who is entitled to the facts in the news columns and to opinions on the editorial and “op-ed” pages.

Opinions in the paper are not necessarily those of e-KNOW or its advertisers.



If you are sending a photo or photos to run with your submission, please send them as attached jpegs. Also, please forward decently-sized jpeg files. Please submit images that are at least 200 jpeg. We can shrink files to fit but can’t increase the size of tiny files. We need files that are minimum 6×4 inches/72 jpeg (600×400 pixels).


We try to publish submissions as soon as possible when we receive them. Always try to get your submissions or releases forwarded to us at least two weeks before the event so we may meet your event deadlines.

Contact Info

Ian Cobb – Editor/Owner e-KNOW [email protected]  Phone: 250-421-1660

Carrie Schafer – Marketing & Sales Manager [email protected]  Phone: 250-421-1668