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Posted: April 14, 2016

Frances Boulton honoured with Second Man Award

Frances Boulton, who celebrated her 100th birthday earlier this year, was presented today with the Second Man Award by Staff Sargent Hector Lee of the Cranbrook RCMP.

The Second Man Award is an award given to the wives of those members who served in the RCMP in smaller detachments.

The women were ultimately unpaid members who answered phones, searched female prisoners, and provided prisoner meals. They often used their homes as a hotel for visiting senior officers, court Judges, doctors and nurses to whom they also provided meals and entertainment. All of this done in very remote locations with inadequate housing and growing families of their own to which they had to tend. They provided these services out of loyalty to their husbands who were stationed by the RCMP to various areas of the country, each location bringing their own unique challenges, explained Cranbrook RCMP Cst. Katie Forgeron.

Frances BoultonFrances Boulton followed her husband for over 35 years as he served and protected the citizens of Canada as a member of the RCMP. Today, the Cranbrook RCMP honoured her for her service as the Second Man. Phillip Boulton was a Staff Sargent when he retired from the RCMP in 1968. While her husband arrested the “bad guys” Frances would assist him in any way she could. While living in Fort Nelson, the Boulton’s called the RCMP office home.

Frances’ family was able to attend the ceremony today where Frances was given an RCMP broach, and a certificate thanking her for her service to the RCMP. Several officers from the Cranbrook Detachment came out to thank her.

“It was important for the membership to come to be there out of respect for the service Frances provided to the RCMP as a dedicated spouse of a member and to recognize her contribution to the overall culture and traditions of the RCMP as much of that has been lost with each generation that passes on. We need to remember where our core values were cultivated and nurtured as they are what many of us aspire to meet today,” said S/Sgt. Lee.

Along with local Mounties in ceremonial dress, Frances’ award ceremony at Joseph Creek Village Care Facility, was attended by several family members, City of Cranbrook Mayor Lee Pratt and Heather Smith, representing Kootenay East MLA Bill Bennett who forwarded a recognition plaque on behalf of the province.

Frances was also the first resident at Joseph Creek Village, moving in 17 years ago.Frances Boulton Second Man Award


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