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Posted: February 3, 2015

Medical marijuana facility proposed for city

A B.C. company is proposing to open a medical marijuana production facility in Cranbrook.

DycarLogoDycar Pharmaceuticals Ltd. (Dycar), a private incorporated company from 100 Mile House, today announced plans to establish a licensed commercial facility in the City of Cranbrook, for the production of medical marijuana.

The proposed facility will to be located in an 86,000 square foot existing building in the city’s industrial zone. Upon the company’s receipt of final approval as a licensed producer from Health Canada, Dycar expects to employ up to 200 staff at full production.

Dycar’s new indoor facility will house the growing operations utilising the state of the art next generation KM5000 Modular Vertical Cultivation System. The modular KM5000 allows Dycar to fully control the growing environment in each module independent of the others. Dycar will be the second company in the world to utilise this next generation KM5000 technology. The company also plans to have its own testing laboratory in the near future, for product testing and for purposes of establishing a Research and Development program. The facility will also house the company’s head-office functions.

Dycar has engaged Archer Adler Solutions Inc., a Vancouver consulting firm well experienced with the requirements of Health Canada’s new Marijuana for Medical Purposes Regulations (MMPRs), in preparation of the required licensing documents, which were submitted to Health Canada on January 15, 2015.

Upon federal approval of Dycar’s plans, Health Canada will provide a ‘Letter of Authorization to Build’, expected to be awarded in late spring. Construction of the facilities, plus hiring and training are projected to take four to five months once ‘Authorization to Build’ is granted by Health Canada. Following final Federal inspection and approval of their completed facility, Dycar anticipates cannabis production to commence in the fourth quarter of 2015.

Company president Dylen Wannop stated, “With our documentation and plans now in hand with Health Canada, we are looking forward to the next stage of the process and to commence with construction.” Dycar has worked closely with Kevin Weaver, Business & Economic Development Manager for the City of Cranbrook, and other city officials over the past year to get the project to this stage.

The support the company has received from the city and other local agencies has been positive. “It helped us get to this point in the process and confirmed 100% why Cranbrook was the right choice for our operations,” Wannop said.

Upon completion Dycar expects to have invested over $8 million in establishing their new facilities in Cranbrook. In addition to employing up to 200 personnel directly, Dycar will require local services for both the construction phase and ongoing operations.

About the licensing process for medical marijuana operations:

Step 1. Preliminary Screening

Step 2. Enhanced Screening

Step 3. Security Clearance

Step 4. Review

Step 5. Ready to Build letter (if required by applicant)

Step 6. Pre-licence inspection

Step 7. Licensing.


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