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Posted: April 4, 2014

An opportunity missed: Wildsight

Yesterday, the BC Supreme Court dismissed the Ktunaxa Nation’s petition challenging the Master Development Agreement of the Jumbo Glacier Resort.

“The decision of the BC Supreme Court is unfortunate,” said Robyn Duncan of Wildsight. “It was a missed opportunity to recognize the spiritual and cultural rights of the Ktunaxa Nation.”

The Ktunaxa Nation has opposed the resort development within their sacred territory, Qat’muk, since the initial proposal was brought forward.

“In one week, we’ve learned of the plan to give $1 million taxpayers’ dollars over five years to support the appointed council and development of the Jumbo Glacier Mountain Resort Municipality, and now the court has decided that the pipe dream of promised investment, jobs and development is more important for British Columbia than recognizing the cultural beliefs of the Ktunaxa Nation and the biodiversity values of the Jumbo Valley,” said Duncan.

“There will be strong support for the Ktunaxa as they move forward. We’ve seen bad decision after bad decision on the Jumbo Glacier Resort, and if we’ve learned anything from them, this isn’t the end. The Environmental Certificate will expire on October 12, unless 195 legally-binding conditions are met and substantive construction takes place. The proponent’s plans appear to have gone from a four-season, four-glacier resort based in the Jumbo Valley to a small boutique hotel in the Farnham Valley. I am confident that the Ktunaxa and Kootenay residents will assure that the Jumbo remains wild and free of major development,” Duncan concluded.

Background information

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