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Posted: October 27, 2015

Sparwood council facts

sparwoodlogoThe following is a breakdown as to what occurred during the Oct. 19 District of Sparwood council meeting.


Sparwood Chamber of Commerce

Sparwood VICMarjorie Templin, Alex Millar, and Douglas Smith, representing the Chamber of Commerce, shared their concerns with council on the district’s recent enforcement and compliance follow ups with industrial businesses along Douglas Fir Road and Sparwood Drive with district bylaws.


Sunset Ridge Ski Society

Council authorized the issuance of a Land Use Permit to Sunset Ridge Ski Society for a term of five-years at a fee of $10.00 per year. The land is located in the vicinity of the old ski hill area and will allow the society to develop, use, and maintain cross-country ski trails.

Sparwood Futures Society Poker Tournament

Council approved a Special Occasion Licence Permit for the Sparwood Futures Society to allow them to sell liquor at their poker tournament on Friday, November 6 from 7 p.m. to midnight, subject to the Liquor Control and Licensing Branch issuing the actual liquor licence for the event. The event, being held at the Leisure Centre, is to raise funds for the Skate Park Project.

2015 Mosquito Control Report

CranmosquitoCouncil received the 2015 final report on the Nuisance and West Nile Vector Mosquito Control Program from Culex Environmental. The program targets the aquatic stages of the mosquitoes (larvae and pupae), which are found in relatively discrete bodies of water, as opposed to mosquito adults, which once they emerge can spread over many square miles. Potential larval development sites were visited every six to ten days from March 31 to August 28 with a total of 48 surface water sites sampled to determine if any larval treatment was required. The complete report is available on the district website. Staff were authorized to tender the Mosquito Control Program and PMP (Pesticide Management Plan) for a further five years.


Building Bylaw Amendment

Council gave third reading to Building Bylaw 1012, 2009, Amendment Bylaw 1178 after reducing the height requirement of civic address numbers to four inches. In addition to the requirement for building addresses, the amendment also provides further clarification on the inspection process. The bylaw will be coming forward for adoption at the next regular meeting of council on November 2.

Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw

Council gave first and second readings to Municipal Ticket Information Bylaw 1175, 2015 (MTI). The MTI bylaw identifies which offences are subject to municipal ticketing, who can issue a ticket on behalf of the municipality and what penalties may be imposed for each offence. The bylaw is scheduled to move forward for further consideration after council completes an in-depth review of it at the Committee of the Whole meeting on Monday, October 26.


Youth Parliament of British Columbia

The British Columbia Youth Parliament’s 87th Parliament will hold its parliamentary session in Victoria at the Provincial Legislative Chambers from December 27 to 31, 2015. The Youth Parliament is a province-wide nonpartisan organization for young people ages 16 to 21. It teaches citizenship skills through participation in the December parliamentary session and in community service activities throughout the year. Youth Parliament is a one-year commitment. Eligible youth from the community are encouraged to apply to sit as members of the Youth Parliament.

Radon Action Month

kim radonNovember is Radon Action Month in Canada. Radon is a radioactive gas that occurs when uranium in soil and rock breaks down. You can’t see, smell or taste it. In enclosed spaces, such as a home, it can accumulate to dangerous levels. The

BC Lung Association recommends you test your home’s radon level in the winter months when your home is “sealed-up”. The District of Sparwood has a limited number of radon testing kits still available at our Main Office along with information about Radon Gas and how to protect yourself and those you love.

Please visit sparwood.ca/radon or radonaware.ca for further details and other locations where you can obtain test kits.


What the district is doing to prevent human-bear conflicts in the community

With the unusually early summer and depletion of berries and other foods, bears have been frequenting the community looking for food. The District of Sparwood has been actively working to prevent human-bear conflicts over the last several months:

Mayor and Council have:

WildSafeBC– Committed to participating in the WildsafeBC (Elk Valley) Program through provision of $6,000 through to 2017.

– Adopted an amendment to the Utility and Solid Waste Management Bylaw requiring commercial waste bin owners/users to ensure their bins are wildlife secured and that waste is not permitted to overflow from the bins onto public lands.

– The amendment also requires the business owner to keep the area around the bin clean.

The Bylaw Enforcement Department has:

– Eleven written notices and numerous verbal warnings were issued to residents placing garbage out at the curb before 5 a.m. on the day of pickup.

– Continually patrols neighbourhoods and provides educational information and materials to residential owners regarding their fruit trees.

WildSafeBC Elk Valley image
WildSafeBC Elk Valley image

– Conducts daily patrols of the compost sites and had wildlife attractants removed from these sites.

– To date, over 10 hours have been spent working with Conservation Officers.

– Provided after hours coverage to report wildlife attractant infractions.

– Contacted and met with five commercial bin owners regarding wildlife attractant materials.

– Met with and received positive feedback from WildSafe BC (Kathy Murray) and the Conservation Officer.

– Met with business owners to encourage the construction of bin enclosures to eliminate bear access.

The Public Works Department has:

– Repaired and reinforced lids on seven commercial garbage bins.

– Spent five days picking wildlife attractant fruit off trees on boulevards, greenbelts, and at the Spray Park.

– Compost areas are checked daily and cleaned up every other day.

– Steam cleaned commercial bins that have residual grease or other bear attractants.

– Installed signs at compost locations advising that household garbage, recyclables, fruit, trees, and branches should not be placed in these areas.


Newspaper ads regarding bears, composting, and waste disposal and containers were placed in:

– 10 issues of the Free Press;

– four issues of Council Facts;

– three issues of the Sparwood Community Newsletter;

– Numerous postings on the district webpage, Facebook and Twitter; and

– Continuously displaying information on the arch sign at the entrance to Sparwood

What can residents DO?

– Be extra vigilant with your garbage.

– Take any compost a hungry bear may eat, directly to the transfer station.

– Avoid placing pumpkins outside at Halloween.

– Record the licence plate and make/model vehicle if you see anyone leaving residential garbage at a commercial bin and provide that information to the Bylaw Officer.

Pick fruit on any trees in your yard, including crab apples and choke cherries.

– Never interfere with a Conservation Officer or Bylaw Officer in the performance of their duties.

To report wildlife attractant infractions or any illegal dumping please call the Bylaw Enforcement Officer at 250-425-5367 or the District Office at 250-425-6271.

Daylight Savings Time ends

Remember to turn your clocks back one hour on Sunday, November 1 at 2 a.m.



halloweenpumpHalloween can be an exciting time for children and with the distraction of candy and

costumes, safety rules can easily be forgotten. Drivers please slow down and watch for children, many of whom may be dressed in dark costumes. Do not send the little ones out on their own even if they are only going to walk around the neighbourhood. Children should not go out alone.

An adult or older sibling should accompany the kids on their Halloween trick or treat rounds to keep a watch on them and make sure they are safe.

Sleepy Hollow Halloween Pumpkin Walk

Saturday, October 31 from 6 – 9 p.m. at Lions Park.

Mark your calendar and go for a stroll in Lions Park. Enjoy the walk to see pumpkins from witches to cats. The artful jack-o-lanterns represent the spirit of Halloween.

Upcoming meetings

Committee of the Whole Meeting in council chambers on Monday, October 26 at 1 p.m.

Regular Meeting in council chambers on Monday, November 2 at 1 p.m.

See video of the last council meeting HERE.

District of Sparwood

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