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Posted: July 16, 2013

Speed Watch is watching you!

For several weeks now the Kimberley Speed Watch has been out monitoring traffic speeds and working towards a safer community. The group of almost 20 volunteers routinely monitors vehicle speeds on the streets of Kimberley. The locations, in consultation with the RCMP, are often the result of complaints received. The primary goal is to make motorists more aware of their speed. The information is passed on to the police and evaluated as to whether enforcement action is required. Occasionally, if the recorded speed is unsafe, a warning letter is written to the registered owner of the vehicle by the local detachment. If you are concerned about the speeds around Kimberley, why not volunteer? Volunteers generally work two, two-hour shifts per month.

Contact the Kimberley RCMP office if you would like more information.

Kimberley RCMP

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