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Posted: March 22, 2017

Columbia Valley RCMP Report

By Cpl. Grant Simpson

Columbia Valley RCMP responded to approximately 53 calls for service over this past week. Here are just a few of the more interesting items.

Mystery photographer spooks resident

On March 13, Columbia Valley RCMP received a call from a 35-year-old Fairmont Hot Springs resident advising that a fairly new (clean), short bed, black Ford Ranger pickup with a B.C. plate had pulled in front of her home and began to take pictures of the house while she and her three-year-old son were out front.

When confronted the man told this resident that it was for a house appraisal. She told the man the house was not for sale; he told her it was for comparable properties. As she approached the truck the man kept taking photos. When asked for a business card he stated he didn’t have any and was getting annoyed. Police called and spoke with the resident who described the male as mid 50s, slight tan, glasses, short salt and pepper hair and no distinguishable facial hair. She was unnerved by the experience and wanted the police to know as her husband was not around at the time. Police told her he would pass along the information to other police officers to keep an eye out for the described truck.

Multiple shots fired mystery solved

On March 15, Columbia Valley RCMP was dispatched to Capilo Way on the Shuswap Reserve for approximately 30-60 gunshots heard behind a nearby residence.

A local resident called to report hearing 30-60 gun shots fired off in the woods behind her house, the shots were in groups of two to six at a time. She asked her father, who did not know of any locals who would be shooting this time of year. Her husband went out on the mud trail to see what he could. He observed a dark coloured lifted pickup and a large rifle before coming back. Police attended the scene and could hear an engine up in the woods behind the house. Members proceeded along the mud trail toward the sound following fresh tire tracks. The mud trail led to the water tower on the Shuswap Reserve where the trail transitioned to a dirt road.

On the dirt road the members spoke with a couple in a car who said there was a pickup that had left a minute or two before the member’s arrival. On the way back into Invermere police observed a very muddy dark coloured lifted pick up leaving a parking lot. Police pulled over the truck to speak with the driver and registered owner.

The 31-year-old Windermere male advised that he was out shooting at targets with a brand new SKS rifle that he had just bought locally and thought he was far enough back off the roads that he would not be bothering anyone. The owner of the rifle was able to present all required documentation and had the rifle and ammunition secured appropriately. Police explained he was on Shuswap Band land and could not target shoot there and suggested utilizing the local gun range.

Windermere woman assaulted by Wilmer woman

On March 19, a 47-year-old Windermere female called to report an assault that occurred the early morning hours of March 18 at a local hotel. She advised that a 27-year-old Wilmer female jumped her in the hallway between a pub and the hotel at approximately 1:45 a.m., after being out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day. The victim advised that she has a history with the other woman who strongly dislikes her; she stated that an unknown female pulled her aside to say she was the other woman’s cousin. At this point the Wilmer woman and her boyfriend approached the victim with a girl “posse” where she began attacking the victim.

The victim was punched, kicked and had her hair pulled. A friend pulled the attacker off the victim who then went back into the bar and waited a few minutes. When she believed things had settled down, the victim attempted to go back to her hotel; however, her attacker came out of the bathroom and assaulted her again; punching and kicking her. This time the victim managed to get away but suffered several injuries. The attacker is known to police who are actively investigating this assault and anticipate charges will be laid very shortly.

Visitors pilfer way through valley

On March 20, a Windermere resident called to report a ‘gas and dash’ at a local gas station in Windermere. She reported that a black Ford SUV with a male driver and female passenger filled up with gas and left without paying. Police attended and viewed video surveillance in which a black Ford SUV is seen pulling up to the pump. The female passenger exits and goes into the store (the male driver apparently told attendants that his wife was inside paying). The female uses the washroom inside and lingers and then exits the store without paying.

The SUV then heads eastbound through the shortcut to Swansea Road behind Valley Alley. The female is Caucasian, mid 20s with multi-coloured dyed hair and black clothing. The driver does not exit the vehicle and is a mid 30s Caucasian male wearing a blue shirt and sporting a shaved head. Fuel totaled $64.30. While on scene, employees advised they heard a female stole a bag of chips from another gas station down the street. Police attended to this business and though they did not report it, they advised the same people and vehicle had been at the gas station and the female had run off with some snacks. The front counter employee advised the black SUV was bearing a Saskatchewan plate. Police are asking anyone with any information in relation to the vehicle or suspects described to contact them or Crimestoppers.

Cpl. Grant Simpson is a member of the Columbia Valley RCMP Detachment.

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