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Posted: July 28, 2021

Ambassadors to develop sustainable funding with CVCF

If you’re out on the waters of Lake Windermere on a Tuesday morning, you may see a team of volunteers getting water quality samples from the lake. These are the Lake Windermere Ambassadors (LWA), a group of concerned citizens, from diverse backgrounds, interested in directing water monitoring and stewardship of Lake Windermere.

The Ambassadors conduct water monitoring and community outreach to realize their vision of Healthy Waters for Healthy Communities.

The work of the Ambassadors builds on the successes of the Lake Windermere Project, which took place from 2005 to 2009.

The Lake Windermere Project accumulated water monitoring equipment, an extensive library, and knowledge on lake monitoring protocols. These resources are now available to the community through the Lake Windermere Ambassadors.

As a non-profit and charitable organization, reliable and consistent funding is often a challenge. In seeking such incomes, the LWA approached the Columbia Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) to set up a designated Endowment Fund.

This type of fund invests all principal donations through specialized and advantageous investment streams. The annual interest income from this investment provides reliable and consistent funding to the organization.

In the next five years, the LWA aim to build this endowment fund to $10,000.

To support the Lake Windermere Ambassadors fundraising goal, donations can be made to the Lake Ambassadors Endowment Fund on the CVCF website at .

The Columbia Valley Community Foundation (CVCF) is celebrating its 20th year as the connection between donors and community needs. Through community granting and student scholarships/bursaries the CVCF exists to enrich lives in the Columbia Valley.

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