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Posted: January 27, 2019

Councillor’s suggestion may plunge back on him

By Stephanie Stevens

Two special events were authorized by District of Invermere council at its regular meeting Jan. 22.

Council approved the Columbia Valley Rockies Pond Hockey Championship being held this weekend, Jan. 25 to 27, and the Recreation Adapted Society (RAD) Third Annual Polar Plunge on Feb. 16.

Coun. Greg Anderson (pictured above), attending the meeting via phone, suggested that to show support for the RAD Polar Plunge Mayor Al Miller should, reasonably, participate.

While Miller acknowledged it would be a good idea, Chief Administrative Officer Chris Prosser reminded Miller he would not be in the valley on that date, so the responsibility would fall to the acting mayor, Anderson.

“Well, I guess turnabout is fair play,” Miller said.


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