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Posted: July 13, 2021

New watering restrictions in place for East Side

Stringent new watering restrictions will be in place for the East Side Lake Windermere Water System effective today (July 13) until further notice.

Customers will be allowed to water their lawns and gardens one day per week from 6 to 10 a.m. or 7-11 p.m. for manual sprinklers and 3-7 a.m. for automatic sprinklers as follows:

  • Even Numbered Addresses: Tuesdays.
  • Odd Numbered Addresses: Thursdays.

Unfortunately, there is still a strain on the system as a significant number of customers continue to water on a regular basis against the recent temporary watering restriction. It appears that many automatic sprinklers were not turned off.

Please be sure the automatic sprinklers are reprogrammed to the new one day per week restriction.

We would like to thank you for abiding by these new restrictions and for your ongoing cooperation in ensuring there is water for all.

If you have questions about the new watering guidelines, please contact the Engineering Department at the Cranbrook RDEK office at 1-888-478-7335 or [email protected]

Columbia Valley Rural Fire & Rescue Services

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