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Posted: November 3, 2018

A campaign win without winning

Letter to the Editor

I wasn’t elected to a seat on city council. But I had the privilege to run for one. That’s what democracy is about – people have the freedom to run for office and serve the public in a unique way – as an elected official.

Well, I gave it my best shot. I am proud that I stepped up to the challenge. I learned so very much from my efforts in the political arena. I am thankful for that. And I fully realize that in a competition, not everyone can win. It’s just the nature of the thing.

I enjoyed campaigning immensely. I did. I am a people-person and the people of Cranbrook are an eclectic group! Love that. What a pleasure to meet so many wonderful individuals who wanted to talk about local issues. I shared their likes, wants, needs; their concerns, anger and apathy about municipal government and elections in general. (Only 26.62% of eligible voters in Cranbrook actually voted.)

Together we had countless serious conversations, shared personal information and had some friendly laughs. It was all so very interesting! A lifelong learner, this was the best part of campaigning. And can you imagine how very validating it was to find so many like-minded people?

Although I believe I have an awful lot to offer the city (hence my recent run for council), I didn’t win a seat. But I think you can see that I won in other ways. I fulfilled a lifelong ambition to run for office – another way to be of service to others. I wanted to hear what citizens were concerned about so that I might advocate on their behalf. I walked and knocked; talked and listened come rain, shine, snow or dark. It was my pleasure. I am content. I won from the experience.

I extend a huge thank-you to my team and all of you who supported me. I wish all candidates and those elected all the best and congratulate them. In closing, please consider this: consider a run for political office. Yes, it takes courage, commitment and a lot of effort but it is the way to have your voice heard; a way to reach out. And always vote. Keep the freedom of democracy alive.

Melodie Hull,


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