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Posted: February 1, 2021

Canada Post operations resume after hazardous materials call

Operations at Canada Post in downtown Cranbrook have resumed Monday morning, following a potential hazardous materials incident.

Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services received the call, for an unidentified powder at the Canada Post facility on 1st St. South between 9th and 10th Avenue South. Fire personnel responded to the scene, secured the area, and proceeded to investigate the cause of the incident.

Firefighters determined the unidentified substance to be harmless, and Canada Post was able to resume operations without delay, the city reported this morning (Feb. 1).

“We thank the public for respecting our need to create safe workspaces at emergency incidents. In addition, the Fire Department commends the staff at Canada Post for their safe and effective response to a potentially hazardous situation. The safe and effective approach to these potentially harmful incidents makes for a safer community for all of us,” said Scott Driver, Director of Cranbrook Fire & Emergency Services.


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