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Posted: July 4, 2019

COTR nursing instructor presents at Oxford

Presentation focused on inequities in health care around the world

College of the Rockies’ Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) instructor, Daniel Wiens, presented at the Oxford Global Health and Bioethics Conference, held at England’s Oxford University July 1 and 2.

The Distributive Principle, Equity, and Global Health is a paper I wrote in grad school,” Wiens said. “After taking time off for a paternity leave, I thought I would revisit it to see if it was still relevant. I submitted the paper for consideration for the Oxford conference, and it was accepted.”

Through his manuscript, Wiens aims to resolve a long-standing debate about the best ways to address the massive gap in health outcomes in different areas of the world, and examines what the international community owes the global poor.

He presented to a diverse group of individuals from around the world, including academics, clinicians, researchers, politicians, and others involved in global health, and looks forward to sharing the experience with his students come fall.

“It was an amazing opportunity to meet with the world’s leading thinkers, researchers, and actors in global health and bioethics,” he said. “My focus is always on trying to improve the courses I teach. I hope to bring back some resources and connections to improve my teaching of these topics. I want my experiences to enhance the experience of my students.”

College of the Rockies Acting Dean of Health and Human Services, Norma Sherret, is certain Wiens’ Oxford presentation will bring long-term benefits not only to his students, but to the entire college community.

“Daniel’s experience is a great example of the quality and commitment of our faculty at the college,” said Sherret. “Through this scholarly endeavour, he demonstrates the importance of being an engaged global citizen to our student nurses. I am certain the stories he will share from his experience at Oxford will prove to be a source of inspiration to us all.”

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Lead image:  College of the Rockies’ Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) instructor, Daniel Wiens, presented at a prestigious Bioethics Conference held at Oxford University. COTR photo


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