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Posted: August 28, 2018

Cranbrook RCMP Report

By S/Sgt. Hector Lee

The following is a synopsis of calls reported to Cranbrook RCMP for the period between 6 a.m. August 20 to August 27, at 6 a.m.

Calls for Service: 160

One impaired Driving: (alcohol).

Six collisions in the city: Two vehicle accident, rear ender, minor injury; three-vehicle accident where driver of one vehicle failed to stop at a stop sign, minor injury to parties and driver who ran stop sign charged under the Motor Vehicle Act; two-vehicle accident when one vehicle tried to change lanes hitting vehicle beside in lane over, with the offending driver charged under Motor Vehicle Act; an accident between pick up truck and a dump truck hauling two pups, minor injury; single vehicle accident when driver hit a pole while making a turn Cyclist struck by vehicle, minor injury and cyclist ticketed for riding without a helmet and riding on the sidewalk.

Two collisions outside the city: A minor collision between a motorhome and semi; minor damage to vehicle while backing up.

16 driving complaints: 10 in the city and six outside the city.

One hit and run: vehicle damaged while in parking lot , suspect unknown.

Six assaults: Two domestic assaults; two physical confrontations between family members; alleged push by a patron on another patron at a convenience store.

15 Mental Health Act related calls.

14 thefts.

Five shoplifting.

Two thefts of auto:  Truck stolen and later located, still under investigation/ car stolen and recovered soon after, also still under investigation.

Four thefts from auto: A purse taken from unlocked vehicle/ change taken from insecure vehicle/ theft of license plate/ passenger window smashed, vehicle rummaged through but nothing stolen.

Three thefts other: A theft of skill saw and equalizer hitch stolen, unknown when it happened; theft of an XBOX and bong; theft of wallet, unfounded.

One break and enter to business: Attempted B&E to local downtown business, no entry was gained.

One break and enter to residence: Males found inside an unoccupied apt suite, still under investigation.

Four damage to property: A window broken at a business; side view mirror of vehicle broken by a motor cyclist during a road rage incident; truck window broken by suspects, still under investigation; vehicle passenger window smashed.

One drug seizure: Cocaine and marijuana found along with other drug trafficking paraphernalia, still under investigation.

17 false alarms and false 911 calls.

S/Sgt. Hector Lee is Cranbrook RCMP Detachment Commander

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