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Posted: July 15, 2021

EKVC replacing sand at outdoor courts

East Kootenay Volleyball Club (EKVC), in partnership with the College of the Rockies and with grant funding from Columbia Basin Trust, is upgrading and replacing the sand at two courts located next to the running track.

EKVC President Lanna van der Velden said, “I’m beyond excited about this project. It’s taken three years to get to this point.” With construction started on Tuesday, July 6 at the College of the Rockies, the project is expected to take two weeks to complete.

“A local contractor, Mytan Contracting with owner Brandt Watson and his crews have been great to work with, “ said van der Velden. “They are participating in the project for the kids and the volleyball community.”

After pursuing a couple of Capital Asset grants, EKVC was a successful candidate from Columbia Basin Trust.

“Collaboration with the college was key in securing matching funds to get this project going, there are a lot of moving parts with a project like this,” van der Velden said.

The site has been excavated and drainage added along with sona tubes for the permanent pole standards. Treated boards are bordering the perimeter that will have blue edging to keep the grass from encroaching on the court.

A geotextile fabric has been laid on top of the drainage rock and the first of the 10 truckloads of sand was delivered the evening of July 13.

“Putting my bare feet in the first truck load of World Beach Federation approved sand was such an exhilarating feeling,” said van der Velden. “We are getting closer to the realization that these courts will be ready for players of all ages in the very near future.”

Image courtesy East Kootenay Volleyball Club

East Kootenay Volleyball Club

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