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Posted: October 27, 2015

Fresh ideas in freshwater communication

Need more volunteers for your cause? Want to attract new board members? Or would your nonprofit group like to have more impact in your community?

Sign up for our training in Cranbrook November 7.

The Columbia Basin Watershed Network and the Water Quality Monitoring Program are having their fall meeting in Cranbrook. We are lucky to be able to host Susi Porter-Bopp of the Canadian Freshwater Alliance, who is a professional trainer. Participants will learn to tell their story in a way that touches hearts and creates results.

We hope that all regional watershed stewardship groups will come, and we will have a special session on the Water Sustainability Act.

We would like to invite environmental consultants and other area nonprofits to the session on Saturday.

We have lots of information and a link to registration from the website at Please contact Tara Lynne Clapp at [email protected] or 250-353-2697 if you have questions.


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