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Posted: January 22, 2023

Name change typical of the progressive left’s agenda

Letter to the Editor

So, I see Cranbrook has joined the ranks of the Woke Movement.  How disappointing.

The Sam Steele committee has done its best to put a nice spin of this, but we really know what this is about.

This is the progressive left’s attempt to discredit all things in our history.  In this case, to them, the name Sam Steele represents the evils of colonization.

Let’s reflect on this for a moment: Supt. Sam Steele was the CO of the NWMP at Ft. McLeod in Alberta and in charge of policing in a vast area of the NW Territories of the day.  British Columbia was by then a province, therefore, the NWMP had no jurisdiction here and were policed by the BC Provincial Police.

The East Kootenay region at that time was a very remote part of the province, with little or no provincial presence. There then developed a terrible situation involving a murder of a prospector/miner and the arrest of a local member of the First Nations Band. Apparently, this resulted in a very dangerous situation involving the local band and the government felt there was a good chance of an insurrection.

They realized that because of the remoteness of the East Kootenay, they had little chance of containing this, so pleaded with the federal government to allow the NWMP to come in from Ft. McLeod to intervene.  Thus, Supt. Sam Steele was ordered to move into the area to mediate and preserve peace.

I suspect he did not relish this idea, but had no choice.  It is not up to me to pass judgement on who was right or wrong in the murder, as the details are vague.

After arriving, it did not take Sam Steele very long to establish and befriend Chief Isadore, defuse the situation and preserve the peace.  Apparently, he was a very good man, who treated everyone with respect and was skilled at this type of difficult situation. He went on to serve with distinction in the First World War as a general.

In my opinion, he should be a hero to everyone, including First Nations people.  Why do I say that?  Because, what would have happened if he wasn’t involved or a lesser individual was sent?  We all know, that if it had blown into an insurrection, who would have been the big losers in the end?  It wouldn’t have been the government.  It could have been disastrous to local First Nations members.

This is very typical of the progressive left’s agenda of trying to destroy our history, society and culture. They are supported and encouraged by the awful government in Ottawa and especially the part time drama teacher who leads them.  Our very bias mainstream media is complicit as well.

It is this type of horrible policies/agenda and intimidation that has resulted in the poisoned environment in the U.S. and is starting to show up here in our wonderful country.

The so-called Freedom movement here in Canada has morphed far beyond the trucker’s convoy and vaccine mandates into something far larger in scope and is a direct result of changes that have been forced on all of us.

It is typical of the Woke/progressive left to throw out accusations of racism, misogyny, etc. to people like me who speak out, but in my case, I stand by my reputation as a very non-racist person.  However, being in my mid-seventies, if it happens, I could care less.

One of the latest theories (to me anyway) is that this whole Woke agenda is been furthered by China and Russia via social media, etc., to promote division and dissent in our Western democracies.  I have never bought into these type of conspiracy things, but the changes happening are so radical in some cases and damaging, I start to wonder if that is exactly what is happening.

This name change comes on the heels of the name change of our little Brownies, which points out to me, just how stupid our society is becoming.

To protest this ridicules change; I encourage all Cranbrook citizens and businesses to boycott this event this year.

Neil Matheson,


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