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Posted: September 10, 2019

Roof repairs may cause full Aquatic Centre closure

Western Financial Place Aquatic Centre could face permanent closure until roof repairs are concluded, around the end of October, City of Cranbrook council learned last night (Sept. 9).

Community Services director Paul Heywood, providing a city administration update, told council a decision will be made at the end of the workday on Thursday (Sept. 12) as to whether to close the facility permanently until the $1,721,365 (plus GST) work is completed.

General construction and roofing crews began work on the roof of Western Financial Place (WFP) Sept. 3.

The project tender, more than $45,890 (plus GST) over the city’s budget, was awarded to lone bidder New Dawn Developments, and includes the patio, lobby, change room, and the pool roof construction to be completed by the end of October. The city budgeted $1,675,474.31 (plus GST) for the work.

“In further consultation with New Dawn and Kevin Wilkins (BCS Consulting services project manager), we attempted to reduce the costs by exploring different forms of warranties and vapour barriers, but in the end we have decided to install the recommended products, and secure the ideal RCABC warranty on the roof in order to ensure the longevity of the work. The decision to move ahead on the construction of the roofs was recommended by Kevin Wilkins,” Heywood reported to council.

Coun. Mike Peabody noted recent aquatic centre closures in WFP due to roof work and asked if they would continue through its course?

Heywood replied: “Initially we were told that during the demolition of the parapet walls and other parts of the roof that we would have to shut down the aquatic centre for three to five days. I think what we are finding with the work they’ve done recently on the parapet walls and with the weather that we are now considering, with a lot of materials up on the ceiling, that as they do work on the roof, these materials on the ceiling are falling into the pool and leading to quite a bit of work cleaning up the pool.”

A decision would be made Thursday, he added, concluding, “given the weather and time constraints,” the project is moving forward smoothly.

The repairs do not include the arena portion of the WFP roof.


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