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Posted: November 18, 2020

Social Planning Society seeks to hear from community

The Cranbrook Social Planning Society, on behalf of the City of Cranbrook and Regional District of East Kootenay, is participating in a province-wide effort to reduce local poverty here in our region.

The Project Coordinator for this region is meeting with the various agencies providing support to people and would like to hear from members of the public about challenges they are either facing, or fear they may be facing, in the near future. Solutions for our region will come through an understanding about the needs of our region.

Poverty reduction includes much more than financial challenges. Stress from isolation, transportation barriers, food insecurity, employment and unemployment stress, homelessness or the fear of becoming homeless, and more may become factors in preventing a life-style comparable to fellow citizens. Youth and seniors may have challenges unique to their circumstance.

Regardless of whether you are already receiving help from one of the agencies in the community or are struggling on your own to get by, we would like to hear your story. What is missing for you? Are you facing frustrations trying to find help? What is the hand-up that would really help you out? Were you struggling before COVID-19 or has the pandemic caused hardships for you?

Please contact Russell, Project Coordinator to share your views through a confidential, private and non-judgmental conversation. You may call (250) 919-3170 during the day or email [email protected]

Thank you, your story is important.

Cranbrook Social Planning Society

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