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Posted: July 31, 2020

Water pressure concerns in Cranbrook as usage soars

Slight reductions in water pressures have been reported by residents around the City of Cranbrook over the past several days, as temperatures into the mid- 30s continue across the region.

Water is still being delivered as normal to homes and businesses; however, some may notice the water pressure is slightly less than normal. This will not affect critical infrastructure and emergency response operations.

On Thursday, July 30 alone, the city delivered over 30 million litres of water to residents and businesses – enough water to supply a population of over 43,000 people. The City of Cranbrook’s population sits at just over 20,000.

Most water consumption in the summer months is for lawn watering, typically peaking to its highest levels in July and August especially during long hot dry spells like we are experiencing. Residents are asked to only use the water you absolutely need and use it wisely.

“Established lawns only need an inch of water a week, including rainfall to stay healthy,” said Chris Zettel, Corporate Communications Officer for the City of Cranbrook. “Longer infrequent watering will help develop deeper, healthier roots. Rather than frequent shallow watering, water your lawn deeply once or twice a week. Please don’t water during the hottest part of the day or while it’s windy to prevent losing water to evaporation.”

It is also vital that residents remember to only water your lawns on your watering day. Even number properties water on Monday, Thursday, and Saturday. Odd numbered properties water on Tuesday, Friday, and Sunday with no one watering on Wednesdays. Watering can only occur from 4 to 11 a.m. or 7 to 11 p.m. on your watering day.

For more information about watering days and times, conservation tips, summer lawn and garden care, visit the City of Cranbrook’s Water Conservation information section in its website.

Lead image: Cranbrook’s Phillips Reservoir. e-KNOW file photo

City of Cranbrook

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