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Posted: October 22, 2016

3 facts you need to know

About grizzly bear management…

BillBennettlatestBy Bill Bennett

Kootenay East MLA

1. The Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations recently released the Scientific Review of Grizzly Bear Harvest Management System in B.C.

2. The study found that B.C. has a high level of rigour and adequate safeguards in place to ensure the long-term stability of grizzly bear populations and that B.C. has produced more DNA-based population estimates for grizzly bears than any other similar jurisdiction in the world.

3. In the East Kootenay, the grizzly bear population is very strong, with ranchers, hunters and hikers reporting more sightings the last few years than ever before. In total, B.C. has over 15,000 Grizzly Bears, a stable and self-sustaining population.

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