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Posted: October 6, 2022

BCWS on top of two fires north of Kimberley

BC Wildfire Service reports two new fires have been ignited by people in the past three days. Both fires are north of Kimberley.

The first fire is located off Buhl Creek Forest Service Road, about 30 km north of Kimberley.

Discovered Oct. 3, the suspected person-caused fire is out of control at an estimated .5 hectare.

The second fire was discovered Oct. 5 near Cool Creek, about 11 km north of Kimberley. It is listed as ‘new’ and is about .10 ha in size.

BC Wildfire service also reports the wildfire 6.5 km east of Cherry Lake, 33 km south of Cranbrook, is being held at 4.2 ha.

Originally thought to be person-caused, the fire is now listed as being ignited by lightning on Oct. 2.


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