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Posted: September 11, 2019

Don’t let class drop with writ

e-KNOW editorial

By Ian Cobb

All righty then federal politicians, so the race is set and you’re off and running.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his nose twitching violently as he tried to sniff the mood of the nation in order to begin effecting postures and building costumes that will lead to a new flock of prevarications, this morning asked Gov. Gen. Julie Payette to dissolve Parliament in order to begin the transparent BS-fest up to the Oct. 21 federal election.

As soon as the writ dropped the character attacks began in slobbery earnest, naturally, because that is what we Canadians want to see; American-style reality television loafheadedness, aimed at the lowest common denominator and most easily buffaloed by BS. Not! I repeat NOT!

Conservative Party leader Andrew (I’m just a poor boy from a poor family) Scheer and NDP boss Jagmeet (the Burnaby South Parachute) Singh tucked right into Trudeau, as did People’s Party of Canada leader and conspiratorial ball of fetid hate Maxime Bernier.

I’ve yet to hear Green Party leader Elizabeth May or Bloc Québécois leader Yves-Francois Blanchet put some boots into short pant’s ribs.

May might be the only leader who is going to head into this election speaking about policy and future direction and Canada’s needs.

‘The big three’ on the other hand appear to be slopping messily downhill, focussing on personal attacks and using broad-brush clichés and fear-mongering over actually saying what the bloody hell they are going to do for us as OUR government, beyond rose coloured promises wrapped in bows of bovine doo doo.

Of course, Trudeau deserves to be dragged slowly over vitriolic coals due to a startlingly large variety of reasons, most notably the SNC-Lavalin Conflict of Interest Act violating scandal, with juicy chapters involving Jody Wilson Raybould/Jane Philpott and Gerald Butts, along with falling flat on his face due to promises broken and a staged image exposed – costumes and all.

In short, buddy has earned his licks.

Like dogs to garbage, politicians have always loved to chew on and barf out character assassinating tales, hoping to lure unsure voters to their sides. But we’re heading to a whole new realm, mostly due to the current trend of extremism – right and left.

From the rise of the nationalists spewing ignorance and hatred and spitting on the graves of our forefathers who died to preserve our freedoms; to liberals whimpering in safe rooms, demanding changes to everything that offends them, which is pretty much everything except avocados and electronic devices.

Thanks to the bubble worlds of the Internet Age, election campaigns are now less about showing true leadership and wisdom and more about troll stomping and barking. That’s what you get when you let Twitter-heads take control of message delivery.

Again, my guess is that Elizabeth (hey, I’m over here!) May will be the only candidate to keep clear of the ugliness and pettiness, which is the ‘easy route.’ It is difficult to stick to your guns and push policy and ideas forward when everyone around you is slapping ‘kick me’ signs on their opponents backs and acting like elementary school yard nitwits.

All that said, I have a challenge for our federal political party leaders: seek election with your minds and courage and by showing us that you are leaders with vision for our nation as a whole, and not just for you or your corrupt parties or the corporate spiders into whose webs your truffle-snuffling led you.

We need leaders now. We don’t need whiney little suck-holes or cracked actors. We need strength of conviction and morality in Ottawa; not the same old taxpayer trough abuse.

Canada is going to have another Liberal or Conservative government when the smoke clears (sorry to the rest of you, but not you Bernier, you’re just a creep). So not much will change.

What I’d like to see start changing is less partying and more studying from our leadership.

Do what is good for Canada first and everything else comes second. And I am looking straight at you Trudeau. By rights you should have done the right thing and fell on your sword over SNC-Lavalin. But like a common modern politician, you’re more weasel than lion.

And quit sneering Scheer. You need to prove to us moderates that you’re not just another Rebel Media reading delusional.

Finally, to our Kootenay-Columbia candidates: good luck and all the best.

From this point on e-KNOW will not publish ‘news releases’ from any of you because, for reasons stated above and below, we all know they’re not ‘news.’

However, we will publish op-ed columns or letters to the editor and we hope to read about how you will use your skills to ensure the best and the most for this riding.

Again, less partying and more studying. Show us what kind of leaders you can be – for all of us in this riding and not just your party faithful. Show us what kind of intellects you have as opposed to party-line parroting skills.

Your party leaders are most assuredly going to let class drop with the writ; they already have. Strive to do better than that.

– Ian Cobb is e-KNOW editor and owner

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