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Posted: April 24, 2021

Earth Day and… guns?

Letter to the Editor

This week on Earth Day I received Kootenay-Columbia MP Rob Morrison’s flyer…. on gun control. That was jarring and disappointing.

I have met with Mr. Morrison’s a couple of times, the first being just before he was elected.  He assured me then that climate change would be in his top two issues. I know he has met with people on climate concerns, but I am waiting to see climate at least mentioned in one of his flyers or when he speaks in the House.

The Conservative Party of Canada has finally come out with a climate plan, although it could be strengthened. Now I am waiting for my MP to pay some real attention to this issue.

We are in a climate emergency, not a gun owners’ emergency. Maybe it will seem more real as we head into the flood and wildfire seasons, which become much more extreme each decade and are imposing high costs on residents and businesses in your riding.

Please know I am writing this as an individual constituent, not as a representative of any group.

Judy O’Leary,


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