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Posted: August 11, 2019

Five new fires reported in region

BC Wildfire Services reports seven wildfires burning in the East Kootenay today (August 11), including a now extinguished fire caused by an unattended campfire at Mineral Lake last night.

Area residents quickly responded and knocked down the fire.

The blaze was discussed on social media, with Kootenay East MLA Tom Shypitka noting: “Thank you to everyone involved in putting out this fire. I don’t want to go on how careless it is not to extinguish a fire when unattended because that is obvious but more focus on those that were aware and acted quickly to put it out. Thank you once again, you may have prevented something incredibly devastating.”

BC Wildfire Service also reports there is an estimated .01 ha fire off K Road, two km from Carbonate and McMurdo, about 20 km south of Golden. Lightning is the believed cause.

There is a .01 ha fire off St. Mary Forest Service Road, cause unknown, that is about 46 km northwest of Kimberley and a .01 lightning caused fire near Mission Wasa Low Road about four km northwest of Fort Steele, on the west side of Kootenay River.

And there is a .01 ha fire in the Perry Creek drainage near Weaverly Creek, about 10 km southwest of Old Town.

The Weaver Creek fire, discovered August 8, 14 km west of Lumberton, is considered held at .30 ha.

The South Teepee fire south of Cranbrook is noted as under control. Discovered July 31 it reached about 35 ha in scale.


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