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Posted: September 11, 2021

Goldsbury has skill set we can only hope for in political leaders

Letter to the Editor

I want to spend just a little time explaining why I believe Robin Goldsbury is the best choice for our area.  Robin has a skill set we can only hope for in our pollical leaders.

She was told she could not make a living in forestry.  Well, she did!  From the ground up Robin developed what became a flourishing, value-added forestry business.  She and her staff pioneered ecologically-sound harvesting techniques for all types of tree cones, moss, Christmas greens and more; packaged them, and sold them to the world!  Flower shops, gift stores, garden centres and chain stores begged for Robin’s products. Her business grew so fast the challenge was keeping up!

A few years into this business, Robin purchased a motel.  Yes, a run-down motel, right here, on Cranbrook Street, Highway 3, running right through Cranbrook.  Everything about that motel was a challenge but she rose to the challenge.  The learning curve of running two businesses that depend on some of our biggest industries – tourism and forestry – well -prepared her for what she wants to do right now-represent the Kootenay-Columbia riding for us!

Robin rebuilt and now runs a resort (the Dock’n’Duck) at the ferry landing in Balfour on Kootenay Lake and has done so for the last 14 years.  She’s survived running a restaurant through COVID-19, never-ending staff shortages, shutdowns, tourism shortages, rising food costs and an electrical grid system that is perpetually failing.  Robin truly understands flexibility, problem solving, cash flow and how to make ends meet

As an adult, Robin has moved around the riding but always a resident of our riding with some time in Alberta while attending university.  Robin always gets involved on committees for the betterment of every community Robin has lived in. She understands rural small towns! And their issues!

Robin, while raising her sons, embarked on and achieved a master’s degree in neuroscience with perfect grades. She is brilliant! She understands the science behind the issues going forward with Covid.  She understands the medical concerns for long term Covid. She understands what we need to do.

On top of that she has a background in national marketing and has worked with, lectured and taught business throughout the riding, not to mention the rest of Canada

Robin WANTS to be at the government to fight for us.  Our rural and small towns of the Kootenay-Columbia need an MP who has been in the trenches with us – a smart voice to fight for what we need here like better transportation, the Columbia River Treaty, climate change, air quality and forest fires, affordable house.

She wants to see her grandchildren, living here in the Kootenays, to be able to stay. Robin has the experience to speak for all of us.  She is the right candidate for us.  I encourage you to voteROBIN.cathe most authentic, the best qualified progressive candidate running.  You will be glad you did!

Sharron Billey,


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