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Posted: July 2, 2021

New fires reported as earlier blazes extinguished

BC Wildfire Service this afternoon reports the two wildfires in the Plumbob Creek area, started by lighting southeast of Cranbrook, and one west of the city in the Kiakho Lakes area are now off record, or extinguished.

However, three new fires are being reported in or near the East Kootenay.

A fire is being reported in the Bootleg/Matthew Creek area about nine kilometres west of Kimberley.

The fire, believed to be caused by lightning, is estimated at .6 hectares.

The City of Kimberley reports the Kimberley Fire Department has been made aware the wildfire in the Matthew Creek area west of Kimberley.

The city will continue to provide updates as they become available.

A second fire is now on the books in the Toby Creek drainage, about 17 km southwest of Panorama Mountain Resort.

Estimated at .03 ha, it is believed this fire was person-caused.

Finally, there is a .01 ha fire, also human-caused, burning between the Columbia River and the CPR tracks near Imler Road in Parson.

Another new lighting sparked fire (.1 ha) is being noted on Coppola Mountain, not far from the Wisted Creek fire, about 38 km west of Golden, which grown from about 4.1 ha to 15 ha.

The Moberley Creek area, seven km north of Golden is now noted as 2.1 ha.

Check BC Wildfire Service for updates on the fire situation in the province any time HERE.


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