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Posted: July 20, 2019

Paranoid, anti-CO2 policies will destroy our economy

Letter to the Editor

The following is a copy of a letter sent through Canada Post to the Leader of the Official Opposition, The Honourable Andrew Scheer. The same letter was sent to The Honourable Ed Fast, Environment and Climate Change critic, at the following address.

This letter contains information important to the survival of Canada as a nation. In the extreme, it could impact the very survival of plant and animal life on Earth.

I am referring to the “climate emergency” groupthink, which wrongly demonizes carbon dioxide (“CO2”), a molecule that is as important as water, oxygen, and sunlight in sustaining life on the planet. CO2 is plant food by providing a vital part of the carbon cycle!

Members of Parliament must recognize that we live in a CO2-starved atmosphere. It would be irresponsible to prevent our CO2 emissions from replenishing the atmosphere. Unfortunately, Canada’s role will be minor with only a 1.6% share of world emissions.

Furthermore, Members must recognize that it is impossible to generate too much CO2. The total known reserves of hydrocarbon fuels (aka “fossil fuels”) will produce an amount of CO2 equal to only 25% of the current, severely-depleted store of bio-available CO2.

The oceans are our primary store of CO2 (98%) with basic phase-equilibrium principles (Henry’s Law) dictating that two per cent is allowed to circulate to the atmosphere. This store represents less than 0.1% of the planet’s original store. The ongoing sedimentation process is primarily responsible for the depletion since it uses CO2 to form carbonates, such as limestone on the ocean floor.

A 20% reduction of bio-available CO2 would be devastating! The ice-core measurements over 800,000 years reveal a minimum CO2 level of 180 ppm. Consequently, the next glacial-period minimum would be 80% of 180, or 144 ppm. This is below the level of 150 ppm at which plant growth ceases.

Therefore, if paranoid, anti-CO2 policies are implemented, it is theoretically possible that the world could see a few people struggling to survive on marine life along the coastlines of continental deserts. Needless to say, such policies will have destroyed Canada’s economy well before this Armageddon.

Dr. Thorpe Watson,


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