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Posted: October 4, 2016

It is time to Shift into Winter

The Winter Driving Safety Alliance Oct. 3 launched the 2016 Shift into Winter Campaign— an annual road safety initiative that encourages drivers to be prepared and drive safety in winter.

shift-into-winter-posterAs a member of the Alliance, Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting encourages everyone to shift into winter driving mode and prepare for the upcoming season. Don’t wait until snow arrives.  Whether you’re driving across town, or across the province, it’s important that you and your vehicle are prepared for winter conditions.

Be part of the solution. A few simple steps could make a difference to your safety:

Road and weather conditions change quickly in winter and so should your driving.  Even the most confident drivers are at risk on slippery roads.  Slow down to a safe driving speed.

– Install four matched winter tires.  Tires marked with a three-peak mountain/ snowflake symbol on the sidewall offer the best traction on snow and ice and in severe winter conditions.

Give your vehicle a winter check-up: Make sure the battery, brakes, lights, fuses, cooling/heating systems, exhaust/electrical systems, belts and hoses are in top shape.

Before each trip, do a ‘circle check’ (walk around your vehicle to inspect its condition and possible reversing hazards).

– Review your vehicle’s maintenance record. Take it in for repair if needed and report any concerns to your supervisor.

Keep your gas tank full to avoid condensation which can cause fuel lines to freeze.

Equip your work vehicle with a Winter Survival Kit. Recommended items include: an approved high-visibility vest, non-perishable food, blankets, first aid supplies, windshield scraper, snow brush, spare tire, wheel wrench and jack, shovel and traction mat, sand or kitty litter, fuel line antifreeze, flares and matches or a lighter, tire chains and gloves, flashlight and extra batteries, battery jumper cables, sandbags for extra weight, extra clothing ands footwear. Do it now, before you’re caught off guard.

Winter Driving Awareness and the Kootenay ICE

KootenayIceTo help remind the public to Shift into Winter and to Slow Down and Move Over for roadside workers, Mainroad will be hosting a Winter Driving Awareness Event where we will offer winter driving tips and speak to plow truck safety during snow events.  Kal Tire will be joining us to answer winter tire questions as well. 
Join us at the Kootenay Ice hockey game and bring your family and friends on Friday, October 21 (6 to 9 p.m.).

Download the following websites to your phone or bookmark them on your web browser and check them often.

DriveBC.ca is a good source of current road and travel conditions.

ShiftIntoWinter.ca has tips on how to prepare yourself and your vehicle, and how to drive safely on winter roads.

– For winter driving tips, listen to your local radio stations and follow us on Facebook and Twitter @MainroadEastK

For more information visit ShiftIntoWinter.ca.  Please share this message with friends and family.

Let’s all have a safe winter season!

Al Sander, General Manager,
Mainroad East Kootenay Contracting LP

Mainroad 24HR Hotline 1-800-665-4929 | Please share feedback [email protected]

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