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Posted: February 14, 2019

SAR activated to help stranded pair

Sparwood Search and Rescue (SAR) was called out yesterday afternoon to rescue two people who were stranded in the backcountry when their tracked UTV became stuck on the way to a remote worksite.

Fortunately they had an #inReach satellite communicator that allowed them to call for help early on, and supplies to build a fire and keep themselves warm while they waited for help.

“As SAR members were traveling to their location, a party of snowmobilers happened upon them and were able to help free the stuck UTV, allowing them to drive back to the highway,” SAR reported on social media.

“Our #SAR volunteers then finished up the day by honing their avalanche rescue skills during our regular training night, where they practiced locating and digging out a couple of rescue mannequins (pictured above) who found themselves buried in the snow.”

SAR asks people to remember that when traveling in the backcountry it’s important to leave a detailed trip plan, “and #AdventureSmart has recently released a trip plan app to make this even easier! Look for it on the App Store, and visit www.adventuresmart.ca for more safety info!”

Lead image courtesy Sparwood SAR


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