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Posted: November 22, 2021

Sparwood Council Facts

The following is a synopsis of what occurred during the Nov. 16 District of Sparwood council meeting.


North Coal

Ian  Maxwell,  Chief  Executive  Officer  at  North  Coal  presented an update on the company’s Michel Coal Project  located southeast of Sparwood in the Michel Creek Valley.  The mine has an anticipated life of 25 years.  Construction  is  targeted  to  commence  in  2025  based  on  regulatory  approvals  being  received,  with  commercial  production  anticipated in late 2026.

311 Lodgepole Place

A request from the landowners at 311 Lodgepole Place to purchase a portion of  District land adjoining their property was  referred to staff to return a report for council’s consideration.


MTI Bylaw 

Municipal Ticket Information (MTI) Bylaw 1290, 2021 was given first,  second and third readings.  A revision to the existing bylaw is required to provide for enforcement of offences that may occur under the new  Animal Control bylaw.


2022 Community Funding & Support Allocations 

Council  approved the following Community Funding and Support Allocations for inclusion in the 2022 budget;

  • Sparwood Search and Rescue ‐ $2,000 of in‐kind  fuel;
  • Fernie Women’s Resource Centre ‐ $3,211.76 in  support of Sparwood Parent‐Tot Funtimes rental  of District facilities;
    • Sparwood  Golf  Club  ‐  $30,000  golf  course  operating grant;
  • Michel Natal Sparwood Heritage Society  ‐  $55,000 Sparwood museum operating grant;
  • Sparwood Trails Alliance ‐ $10,000 grant toward  the Sparwood Ridge Trail Project;
  • Sparwood Public Library  ‐  $198,711  Sparwood  Library operating grant + $6,000 donor matching  grant + $10,000 capital grant;
  • Coal Miner Days Society  ‐  $12,000  operating  grant  +  $15,305.80 toward rental  of District facilities for Coal Miner Days festivities;
  • Sparwood Early Years  ‐  $1,070.05  toward  the  Kindergym program’s rental of District facilities  · Wildsafe BC ‐ $2,000 operating grant;
  • Sparwood Chamber of Commerce  ‐  $63,551  Sparwood Visitor Centre operating  grant  +  $8,000 economic development grant;
  • Branch Out Learning Society  ‐  $11,028 for the Children with  Special Needs Summer Camp’s rental fees and admissions at District facilities;
  • Sparwood and District Art and Heritage Council ‐  $400 operating grant + $2,742.68 for the rental  of District facilities when hosting various annual  events;
  • Category 2 Funding Allowance ‐ $25,000. Council also  approved  an  allocation  of  $3,000  from  the  2021 budget for Castlegar and District Community Services  Society  for  support  for  the Kootenay Rent Bank with  the  funds being earmarked for Sparwood clientele.

2022 Council Meeting Schedule

Council approved the 2022 Council meeting schedule,  including cancellation of the Regular Meeting of January 4,  2022.  Regular meetings are held in Council Chambers at  136 Spruce Avenue on the first and third Tuesday of each  month at 6 p.m.

2800 Middletown Place

Council authorized staff to issue a Sign Bylaw development variance permit to allow a wall sign at 2800 Middletown Place (Komatsu) with a sign area greater than 0.18m2 per  0.3m2 of the wall width. The new Kotmasu building (lead image) is much  larger in scale than the existing Sign Bylaw likely considered when adopted.

Pine Avenue and Blue Spruce Crescent

Concerns were raised about the stop signs on Pine Avenue at the three-way stop intersection with Blue Spruce Crescent.  Council directed staff to investigate alternatives to the three‐way stop and bring back a report to council.


The following meetings will take place in Council Chambers (136 Spruce Avenue) at 6 p.m.

  • Regular Meeting on Tuesday, December 7.
  • Regular Meeting on Tuesday, December 21.
  • Regular  Meeting  on  Tuesday,  January  4,  2022‐ CANCELLED BYLAW

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