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Posted: November 8, 2021

Gordie Tentrees bringing Mean Old World tour to Studio 64

His name may not yet be a household word among Canadian music fans but it is fast moving in that direction.

Gordie Tentrees’ current Mean Old World tour through 21 communities in B.C. and across the Prairies with side-kick Jaxon Haldane will undoubtedly add to his fame. His ninth stop on that tour will be at Studio 64 in Kimberley on Saturday, November 27.

Tentrees was born in Hamilton, Ontario, into a broken family and grew up in foster homes. To survive this life, Gordie focused on sports and for a while became a Golden Gloves boxer. He later became a school teacher and a youth worker before moving to the Yukon at age 24 where he honed his musical abilities sufficiently to make music his career.

Fred Eaglesmith took him under his wing on an early tour to Europe and the UK and across the USA, beginning a life on the road for Tentrees. He has now played 750 concerts in 11 countries in four years, from Celtic Connections in Glasgow, Scotland, to the National Folk festival in Canberra, Australia.

He has made eight records, either solo or with Jaxon Haldane, the latest of which is the Mean Old World album.

Of his music, Americana magazine in the UK described it as having ‘majestic songwriting, genuine authenticity, and incredible insight.’ The songs on Mean Old World deal with some of his life experiences, such as Ring Speed about his days as a five-time Golden Gloves boxer.

Like Tentrees, singer-songwriter Jaxon Haldane is a multi-instrumentalist. He hails from Winnipeg, Manitoba. Haldane has three albums to his name, each of which illustrates his ability to combine the intensity of punk rock or Dixieland with the emotion of country and blues.

This final concert in the Live at Studio 64 fall series will start at 8 p.m. Tickets will probably be limited, due to COVID-19 pandemic protocols, and can only be purchased online at or from the Centre 64 office during regular opening hours.


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