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Posted: March 11, 2020

Police unable to determine dog death as suspicious

Kimberley RCMP is currently investigating the death of a dog in the area.

Police encouraged the owners to contact RCMP after multiple social media posts suggested that dogs have been poisoned. The incidents occurred after owners had been hiking on the “Butte” in Wycliffe, reported Sgt. Chris Newel, Kimberley RCMP Detachment commander today (March 11).

“A woman contacted police to advise that about two weeks prior to the social media posts she had been hiking the Butte with her dog. The dog did get quite sick after the hike but did recover. Police also received third party information that a second dog had similar systems and had recovered,” he related.

“In the meantime, veterinary clinics in the area posted they had not seen any related incidents.

Again, owners were encouraged to report the incidents. Later the clinics updated their post stating they had a reported an incident.

“On March 10, an owner reported to the RCMP that their dog had died on March 2, after they had been hiking the Butte.”

In consultation with the vet, police learned blood tests had been done and there was no indication of toxins, Sgt. Newel said.

“The stomach contents have been preserved for further analysis. The vet also said the cause of death cannot be positively determined as there could be other medical conditions that exhibit similar symptoms.

“The symptoms shown by the two dogs that got sick were vastly different than the one who died.  So, at this stage, police are not able to link the two incidents,” he concluded.


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