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Posted: April 11, 2018

ʔaq̓am celebrates gymnasium grand opening

ʔaq̓am community gathered Friday, April 6 to celebrate the grand opening of the beautiful new ʔaq̓amnik School gymnasium.

The 12,000 sq-ft. Dan Joe Memorial Gymnasium features a commercial kitchen, laundry, restrooms/locker rooms, stage and mezzanine with a fitness area.

The project was funded by Indigenous Services Canada, ʔaq̓am community and Columbia Basin Trust while Teck donated funds to assist with purchasing fitness equipment for the workout area.

“ʔaq̓am was involved in entire process to ensure that the facility would meet our needs,” said Michelle Shortridge, Project Manager.

The gym was always part of the plans of the ʔaq̓amnik School plans stemming back to 2010, Shortridge noted.

Special funding was received in 2012 to construct a 10,000 sq. ft. school portion of the project “due to our unique approach and innovative thinking and costs control,” she said.

“When constructing the school, we knew that we wanted to add a gym at a later point but could not do it when the school was being constructed due to timing requirements and funding.”

Silverado Industries completed the foundation and finishing work on the school project August 23, 2012. Phase one was completed in 279 days from design to completion.

The project team- Leroy Oler-Site Superintendent, Joe Sims-Project Manager Silverado, Michelle Shortridge-Project Manager ʔaq̓am, Chase Thielen-President Silverado, Clark Oler-Carpenter Silverado.
Chase Thielen (Silverado) and Chief Joe Pierre.

Lead image: Chief Joe Pierre and Council conduct the ribbon cutting. Photos submitted

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