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ICBC transactions available by phone, email

The B.C. government, ICBC and broker partners are taking additional steps to help British Columbians access the insurance services they need without requiring in-person contact….

Standardized driver training proposed

Proposed amendments that seek to clarify and update British Columbia’s Motor Vehicle Act have been introduced as Bill 2, the motor vehicle amendment act, 2020….

B.C. budget teeters on deficit cliff

Letter to the Editor British Columbia’s provincial budget is balanced on a tightrope with no safety harness. We will soon learn on budget day if…

Repair shops to be ranked by performance

ICBC and industry partners have worked together to redesign collision and glass repair programs with the aim of generating savings for ICBC and promote high-performing…

Local clubs receive ORV trail funding

The provincial government is providing nearly $200,000 to B.C. outdoor clubs to support the off-road recreation industry, enhance tourism opportunities and promote healthy living for…