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Reviving an ecosystem with ancestral techniques

ʔaq̓am enhances biodiversity and reduces ʔa·kinq̓uku risk in its territory For generations, ʔa·kinq̓uku—or fire—has played an important part in ecosystem renewal in the East Kootenay….

Fireflies: beacons in the night

By Ian Adams Op-Ed Commentary On a recent trip to Panama, we took in a night hike to dive into the remarkable nocturnal tropical world….

Spring’s yellow carpet

By Ian Adams Early May brings the East Kootenay’s most stunning and best-known floral display, arrowleaf balsamroot. Colloquially known as Okanagan sunflower in the Okanagan…

Recreationists in denial

By Peter Christensen Op-Ed Commentary Recently while walking in the Dry Gulch Recreation Area, or what is formally known as the Radium Stoddart Big Horn…

Rocky Mountain Sunrise Gold

Summer solstice sunset celebrants align themselves along Penhenge’s heel and summer solstice stones on Munson Mountain above Okanagan Lake; Penticton, BC, June 21 , 2014….