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Posted: February 21, 2013

Open house to showcase Wasa Hotel geothermal system

The Friends of Fort Steele Society invite you to attend a special Heritage Week Open House at Fort Steele Heritage Town as an introduction to the new geothermal heating installation in the Wasa Hotel building on site. Come and see how we are working hard to preserve our heritage, responsibly.

As part of an environmentally friendly and cost-saving initiative, the Friends of Fort Steele Society have been working with M & K Plumbing and Heating of Cranbrook, to install an efficient heating system into this large and significant building on site. The Wasa Hotel has served many purposes in the past and currently houses the Curatorial Department including museum exhibits and a significant part of the permanent artifact and archival collections. With this installation, the Wasa will become a four-season facility allowing for full public access to museum exhibits, proper maintenance of temperature controls for collection storage and possibly additional use of space made available by this upgrade.

According to Doug VanHooren, of M & K Plumbing and Heating, “geothermal heat pumps are water-to-air systems. By installing piping in the ground the system uses the constant temperature of the earth to heat or cool the water in the piping and supply it to the building.” The equipment in the building then transfers the heat from the water to a fan coil and the warm air is distributed throughout the building.

Please join us on Saturday February 23, from 1 to 3 p.m. for an introduction to the geothermal system in the Wasa Hotel. Staff from M & K Plumbing and Heating will be on hand to explain the concept and answer questions. Light refreshments will be served. Admission to the site is by donation.

Heritage Day was established in 1973 by the Heritage Canada Foundation, and is celebrated the third Monday of February to encourage the preservation and promotion of Canada’s nationally significant historic, architectural, natural and scenic heritage. Heritage Week (February 18 to 24) has been the direct result of this designation and is celebrated across the country at many provincial, regional, and municipal levels.

Fort Steele Heritage Town represents a typical turn-of-the-century town of the East Kootenays. Over 60 buildings and structures have been restored and reconstructed since the site was designated a heritage property in 1961. The Friends of Fort Steele Society took over full management of operations in 2004 under a long-term contract with the province of BC. The Friends are striving to build a sustainable future for Fort Steele by continuing conservation initiatives, building community partnerships, and providing visitors with a unique heritage experience.

For more information, please call 250-417-6000 or email us at [email protected].

Fort Steele Heritage Town 

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