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Excellent team work at Fairmont slidePosted: July 18, 2012

Columbia Valley RCMP Report

As a result of the mud slide in Fairmont Hot Springs, Columbia Valley RCMP Detachment members were one of many agencies called in to assist along with Fairmont Resort staff.

A provincial emergency command centre was put in place where each agency involved was delegated tasks. Excellent team work by everyone.

Detachment members maintained traffic control to secure the area as well as working with Search and Rescue, all fire departments to search the area for injured persons or the possibility of potential fatalities that may have been caught in the strong water a debris flow.

The RCMP helicopter was utilized to assist in this search. We were very fortunate that to date no injuries or unaccounted people have been reported. We appreciated the assistance of off duty S/Sgt Neil Pearson who was trapped with the campers and kept us in constant communication. I was impressed with the leadership provided in the Command centre.

The main problem appears to be resolved and we continue to monitor the situation.

Stolen truck torched

On July 13, A 2005 Gmc pickup was reported stolen from the Windermere area. The vehicle was unlocked and the keys were left in the ignition. The vehicle was recovered the same day on Forsters Landing Rd. The vehicle was torched.

Unlocked vehicles still targets of thefts

The detachment is receiving numerous complaints of thefts from unlocked vehicles in the Windermere area.

Police are aware of three such thefts where a number of articles were stolen. The following articles were stolen; Garmin nuvi 1490 gps, sunglasses, phone charger, cell phone and assorted tools.  Anyone with information in regards to these thefts can contact the Columbia Valley Detachment. My message never gets old, lock your vehicles.

Chainsaw and other items stolen

At 4 p.m. on July 13, Columbia Valley Detachment received a report of theft of a Stihl Chainsaw, concrete saw with a diamond blade. Orange and white. Stolen from the 1500 block of 10th Ave.

Invermere man escapes with minor injuries after being hit

At 5:10 p.m. on July 13, Columbia Valley Detachment responded to a two vehicle accident on Hwy 93/95 near Wilmer. A Ford Edge vehicle driven by a 54-year-old male from Germany was north bound and indicated he was going to turn right. At the last second he changed to turn left and made contact with a 2007 Harley Davidson bike driven by a 54-year-old male from Invermere.  The bike rider took a spill but came out with minor injuries.

The driver of the Ford was charged for fail to yield to a passing vehicle.

Man arrested for assault in domestic dispute

At 11 p.m. on July 13, Columbia Valley Detachment responded to a domestic assault complaint on Wolf Crescent.

Investigation revealed that a female had been assaulted.  A 44-year-old male was arrested and charged with assault. The male will appear in Invermere Provincial court Sept 10.

Trespassers at mill dealt with

Also on July 13, Columbia Valley Detachment were called in regards to youths trespassing at the Radium Mill property.

A group of males were found in one of the buildings. Police attended and explained the dangers of entering onto this property that is in production.  More so, the harm that could be done with all the equipment and vehicle moving around along with trespassing charges. The youth understood and were cooperative.

Disturbance tamped down

At 1:45 a.m. on July 14, RCMP responded to a disturbance complaint at the Spruce Grove Resort area. Four visiting males were causing a disturbance. Police advised the males of the possible consequences and suggested they move along. They opted to cooperate and departed.

Strange person taken to Cranbrook

Detachment Members were called to a complaint on Fairway Drive in Fairmont at 9:50 a.m. on July 15 in regards to a male acting in a strange manner and possibly a threat to himself or others based on his behavior. The problem appeared to be a medical issue and the male agreed to be taken to the Invermere Hospital and was eventually taken to Cranbrook for further assistance.

Last week’s jeers

“Jeers to the RCMP for using excessive speed to get where they were going on July 5th.  I know your job is important, but so is safety.”(From another valley publication.)

Anything to do with the detachment or our members in regards to cheers and jeers I take note of.  Certainly we appreciate the cheers. In regards to the photo op with Rusty the moose, I was the good looking one the author refers to.  Cpl Simpson was there also. The jeers I view are sometimes penned due to personal experiences and the author is looking to vent. But, I do take note and when necessary will follow up. In the above, I reviewed the files of July 5 and it appears officers were responding to a disturbance/assault from a dementia patient at the hospital, with staff at risk.  Has nothing to do with our job being important; it’s about persons in distress and placed in a situation of being harmed.  Lights and sirens are to be activated and getting there safe is always number one, not only for those on the road but for our own safety. This was the case on the 5th. Anytime we are going code three, lights and siren to an incident there is a risk to the public and to ourselves and the rules of the road for the police are strict and guided by written policy.

Don’t mess with Cst. Raccoon

Back in 76, 1976 not 1876 (have to be clear on that for the detachment members), I was in training.  A few troops were co-ed.  Some of the physical self-defense classes involved pairing the girls up with the boys. One area taught was called ground fighting. One minute out flat, everything goes, no rules, just survive and have your partner tap out. I wasn’t there when this happened but I saw the aftermath of what took place.

A female member was put in a position that she would pretty much be out of it due to the superior strength of her male partner. Again, no mercy. However, given the position she was in she saw her opportunity for victory. She grabbed this male by a very sensitive spot. You parents can explain. Instant vice grip, instant pain, instant command by the male to release her grip.

The female senses victory and the grip is harder. Instant WHAM by the male to gain freedom.  No such luck.  Further plea for a release fell on deaf ears and WHAM again by the male.  The instructor obviously had some fear that this male may never be the same, blew the whistle, which released the grip and provided instant relief.  The price she paid for the victory was being recognized as the raccoon officer for a couple of weeks as she sported her two black eyes with a great deal of pride and satisfaction. Nobody wanted to mess with Cst Raccoon.

S/Sgt. Marko Shehovac

Columbia Valley RCMP Detachment


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