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Fund established to help familyPosted: August 2, 2012

My name is Tania Symonds and I just retired medically after almost 26 years of service to my country in the Canadian Forces.  I am currently living in Cranbrook, so I can help look after the children while Alisha works.  I have created this site to request your help to save my daughter’s home.

Frank Petrik passed away suddenly on 23 March 2012, leaving behind his partner of 12 years Alisha and their five children, Dylan 15, Kasandra 13, Gabrielle 11, Kursten nine, and Brandon five.

As Frank could not get life insurance due to a pre-existing, non-related medical condition, the family is losing their home.  Alisha works hard to support her children but it is not enough. (Less than $25,000 as she goes back to work to support her children.)

Although Alisha is a hard worker, becoming the only supporting person of five children will make it difficult for her to spend quality time with them.  Alisha is a proud, strong and determined mother. She does not want to burden her extended family and believes she should do it on her own, even if it means taking a second job and spending even less time with her children.

We are trying to either raise enough to help pay the mortgage or to help Alisha with a down payment so she can take over the mortgage ($169,000).

Frank was a very giving person, who would do anything or give anything to someone in need.  We are hoping that there are enough people in this world who are just like Frank and are willing to help those in need.

Alisha’s father and I wish we could do more for the family, so we are willing to try anything to make this right.

We have now setup a bank account as well for those who wish to make a donation direct to a bank. Go to any TD Canada Trust in Canada and ask to make a donation to Tania and Alisha Symonds in care of the Frank Petrik Home Fund. I am not sure why the account has to be placed in our name to start with, but once you ask to make a donation to the Tania and Alisha Symonds account the bank can then disclose the information about the fund. Once again, thank you to all those who have made a contribution. Every dollar counts and helps. We really appreciate all the support.

Please consider donating today to help Alisha and her children stay in their home in this unthinkable time.

No one is prepared when things like this happen, especially young families.

Your support is greatly appreciated.  If you can’t donate funds, you can still help by getting this story out to everyone you know.  We need it seen by as many as possible.  Try using the Indiegogo share tools.

Additionally, Dewey’s Pub is hosting a fundraiser for the Petrik family fund on Saturday, August 11.

Thank you in advance from her whole family.

If you or anyone you know can help please contact Rick Edwards at Cranbrook Community Radio email [email protected].

For more go to:

by Tania Symonds


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