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Public should know when someone could be a threat to childrenPosted: March 15, 2014

davidwilksofficialBy David Wilks,

Kootenay-Columbia MP

Our government recently introduced Bill C-26, which will bring tougher sanctions against those who prey on our most vulnerable, our children.

Below is a snapshot of what this legislation will do. I know there are some who will react to bullet number seven, however I believe that most countries around the world would not accept someone to enter their country with such a grave crime. That being said, Canada is making it very clear that it is not acceptable in our country.

Further, I believe that the public should know when someone is in their community who could be a threat to their children. They should not be able to hide behind a veil of privacy issues. That is why a publicly accessible databank is so important.

Bill C-26, The Tougher Penalties for Child Predators Act will:

Requiring those convicted of contact child sexual offences against multiple children to serve their sentences consecutively – one after another;

Requiring those convicted of child pornography offences and contact child sexual offences to serve their sentences consecutively;

Increasing maximum and minimum prison sentences for certain child sexual offences;

Increasing penalties for violation of conditions of supervision orders;

Ensuring that a crime committed while on house arrest, parole, statutory release or unescorted temporary absence, is an aggravating factor at sentencing;

Ensuring that spousal testimony is available in child pornography cases;

Requiring registered sex offenders to provide more information regarding travel abroad;

Enabling information-sharing on certain registered sex offenders between officials responsible for the National Sex Offender Registry and at the Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA); and

Establishing a publicly accessible database of high risk child sex offenders who have been the subject of a public notification in a provincial/territorial jurisdiction to assist in ensuring the safety of our communities.

Should anyone have any question with regards to this legislation please contact me and I would be happy to discuss it.


One Response to Public should know when someone could be a threat to children

  1. Long overdue – Thank God that “they’ve seen the light” Time to stop protecting sex offenders & their identity. Hallelujah !!

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