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Roller Derby making first appearance in FerniePosted: June 25, 2012

The East Kootenay Roller Derby League (EKRDL) semi finals are set to be battled out in Fernie this summer.

On Saturday August 4, Avalanche City Roller Girls (ACRG), Fernie’s Roller Derby team, will host the semi finals titled ‘Scrap to the Future’ at the Fernie Memorial Arena.

ACRG have won two from two and have their eyes firmly fixed on the Semi Finals in August. Defeating Kimberley’s Barvarian Barbarians by seven points in a close bout in Cranbrook, ACRC went on to a 114 point win against Cranbrook’s Mountain Town Maulers just two weeks ago.

The girls will play Invermere’s Killer Rollbots, in their last game before the semi finals, this Saturday, June 23 in Marysville. The Killer Rollbots are undefeated this season, so this bout is set to be a showdown. “John Connor vs. the Terminator, Neo vs. Sky-net’s machine army and now the Avalanche City Roller Girls take on the Killer Rollbots in a classic matchup of good versus evil, man against machine. You know who to cheer for,” said Coach HeWhore, who can’t wait to unleash the Rollergirls.

The result this weekend will determine which teams will come face to face at the semi finals in Fernie. “We can’t wait to blow the Elk Valley’s collective minds by bringing modern Roller Derby to Fernie. Roller Derby is exploding right now and for good reason. When these ladies come home from work, they tuck their kids into bed, grab their skates and they become, well… superheroes! You won’t believe the speed, skill and bravery these women possess. Wrapped in rock and roll, fishnets and zombie make-up these girls are more like gladiators than any other modern athletes,” Coach HeWhore proudly beams. ”Plus you get to watch from the beer garden! What could be more fun?”

Flat track roller derby is full contact, aggressive, competitive, and one of the fastest growing sports in North America. Played on a flat oval track the object is for the ‘jammer’ on each team to get through the pack of girls as many time as possible to score more points for their team. The style is fast and boisterous much like the players themselves; dressed in colourful and inventive derby gear, the sport provides entertainment for all.

Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to watch roller derby in the Elk Valley. The EKRDL Grand Final will be held on September 15 in Marysville.

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