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Posted: January 26, 2022

Obituary of Marjorie Lois Larsen


JUNE 9, 1939 – JANUARY 16, 2022

Darlene was born in the old Saint Eugene Hospital in Cranbrook to parents Tony and Josie Rosicky. There were four other siblings in the family, and the youngest was her brother Andy, who was 19 years old when she was born. Therefore, she always said that she was just a wee bit spoiled by her parents and brothers and sisters.

Her brother Anton said when she could barely talk, she said she wanted to be a farmer when she grew up. So it seemed that her ambition and dreams were fulfilled. Except for one and a half years when she lived at the Forest Service camp at Elko, she lived the entire rest of her life on the familyranch at Wardner.

When her sister Kitty’s husband was drafted in the second World War, Kitty and her son Kenny, moved home to the Ranch. Kitty was a good cook and Darlene would always remember the good meals prepared by Kitty and her mom.

Her mom passed away when she was only 16 years old, so she was left with her dad and brother Anton. She always said that her dad was the best dad in the whole world! Her brother Anton taught her a lot when she was young. He taught her and Kenny how to hunt and fish. It almost drove Anton crazy when Kenny caught a bigger fish, Darlene would cry and when Darlene caught a bigger fish, Kenny would cry. Anton showed her how to put a diamond hitch on a horse, and how to stalk game in the mountains. He showed her the art of picking Huckleberries and where they grew. She enjoyed hunting, especially Coyotes, and over the years had shot deer, elk, black and grizzly bears, and a mountain goat.

After graduating from High School in Cranbrook in 1957, she started to work for Mr. and Mrs. Cameron at the general store in Wardner. This store sold everything from groceries, fuel, feed, dry goods, tires etc. It seemed like almost everyone from Galloway, Jaffray, Bull River and Wardner dealt at this store. She really enjoyed working there and had many interesting stories to tell. Mrs. Cameron was like a mother to her.

On June 30 1962 she was married and on August 30th 1963 her beautiful daughter Glenda Lynn was born. She was always very proud of Glenda. In 1970 she met her soulmate Ray Banta, whom she had lived with ever since. And in 1985 her grandson Brett Anton was born. Glenda returned to work when Brett was a month old. They say Grandparents live for their grandchildren, and Darlene was no exception. Brett has lived on the farm with her and Ray to this day.

Darlene also worked for the Forest Service planting trees and picking seed cones. She cooked for her brother Anton at his guiding territory in Bull River as well as cooking for the boys when they worked the ranch in the summer time. She has been cutting Christmas trees for over 60 years, first with her dad and brother, and later with Ray, Craig and Brett. She was a girl guide leader for the first Sand Creek Girl Guides, and a proud 4-H leader for the Wasa 4-H club for just over 25 years. She also received her 25 year cane award from the Waldo Stockbreeders association and was a member of the Kootenay Livestock and BC Cattlemen’s Association.

Darlene is survived by her husband Ray Banta, daughter Glenda (Craig), grandson Brett (Amanda) and great grandchildren Kylie and Jase. She also leaves her Nieces Karen Breakwell, Wendy Vandeweyer, and PatAnnChidlaw and Nephews Ken Reid, Russel Reid, Bruce Reid, and Bob Chidlaw. As well as many many close friends that she considered part of her family.

Darlene always loved her family and was especially proud of her great grandchildren. Her love for her animals and ranching will never be forgotten.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the South Country Crafts and Critters 4H club, PO Box 15, Grasmere, B.C. V0B 1R0.

There will be a Celebration of Life for Darlene on Rosicky Ranch in the spring time.

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