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Posted: September 1, 2020

Obituary of Nelson Eddy Phillip

Nelson Eddy Phillip

June 09, 1953 – August 22, 2020

Nelson Eddy Phillip was the grandson of Casimer Phillip and Katherine Mattias and the son of Rosemarie Teneese (Phillip) and Lawrence John (Jack) Stevens and was raised by Raymond and Rosemarie Teneese on the Columbia Lake Indian Reserve, now Akisqnuk First Nation. As with most people of his generation he was sent to the St. Eugene Residential School, Cranbrook and attended there until the school closed in the 1970’s.

He was an accomplished sportsman and fisherman. He had a great a sense of humor. He was witty and a bit of a storyteller! He worked at the Radium Sawmill alongside Desmond and Pete for years and then spent his latter years participating in various health and community related activities. He was a drummer and sang alongside the Elders at various festivals and gatherings. He was a Ktunaxa language teacher and provided language consultation and support at the community level. He was also involved in the locating and setting up of land based cultural practices. Nelson was committed to sobriety for a long period of time and was always offering support and encouragement to his friends and family and to just anybody else that came along. He also served as Councilor on the Akisqnuk First Nation Governance team.

Nelson is survived by a large extended family. Siblings: Basil, Alec, Lazarus, Millie and their families in addition to Lola, Rick, Pete, Terry, John, Donna, Yvonne, Sandra, Russell, Elaine, Roberta and their families. Nelson was big brother to Patsy, Trina, Margaret, Cecilia, Scotty, Phillip and Madeline. Nelson was father to Jaqueline, Melanie, Olivia and Lyndsay, and stepdad to Stephanie and Anita. He was a doting grandfather to his numerous grandchildren whom he took great pride in their many accomplishments.

Nelson will be missed greatly by the Akisqnuk First Nation Community and by his large extended family, his friends and acquaintances.


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