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Posted: May 31, 2021

Obituary of Rose Elizabeth Tanner

Rose Elizabeth Tanner

April 27, 1923 – May 21, 2021

The word most often used to describe Rose in later life has been “stoic.”  Quiet and unassuming, she bore her trials and tribulations with a matter of factness and doggedness that was inspiring.  She resisted being called “old” or adopting anything she considered was for old ladies (canes, walkers, shawls), the inference of course being that she wasn’t one.

Rose was a bit of a miracle given that she was the last child born to parents late in their life, parents who had already lost 1 child aged 14 and 4 more children within 2 months of their birth.  Her 6th sibling, and the only sibling she knew, died aged 35 when she was 23.  Who would have thought Rose would live to the grand age of 98.

Rose loved camping, hiking, and exploring with her beloved husband Len, or Lenny, as she would sometimes call him.  She missed him terribly when he died, but stoic as she was, her attitude was that life goes on and it was important to her to convey that by action to her kids and grandkids.

Rose was sharp and lucid to the end of her life and remained an avid reader, enjoying her crossword and jigsaw puzzles. At 97 she was still able to knit a lovely Christmas stocking for a new arrival to the family.

Rose was predeceased by her husband (Leonard Tanner), father (Frederick Douch), mother (Alice Douch), all her siblings (Ivy, Violet, Frederick, Winifred, May and Reginald), and numerous aunts, uncles and cousins.

Left behind to celebrate Rose’s life is her son Adrian Tanner (Linda), daughter Beryl Wills (Leslie), grandson Paul Wills (Shanna), granddaughters Rochelle Tanner (Ross) and Erin Tanner (Femi), great grandchildren Shelby and Boden Wills, Frederick and Fara Fadojutimi, and last but not least, great grandpuppy Macie, with whom Rose was smitten.


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