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Posted: August 23, 2013

Justin Hines brings Vehicle of Change tour to Cranbrook

Justin Hines, a rising star in the Canadian folk-pop scene, has teamed up with East Kootenay Brain Injury Association for a benefit concert as part of his Vehicle of Change tour – which makes a stop in Cranbrook on August 29.

Hines has dedicated his life and music to benefiting charities around the world. His personal story reminds us that we are unified in our fervor to overcome the struggles of life, his generosity and ability to give back is awe-inspiring.

What’s especially remarkable about Hines’s charitable efforts is that he has accomplished them while battling a rare genetic joint condition he had since birth called Larsen’s syndrome, a disease that dislocates the joints and confines him to a wheelchair.

“Most people assume there are challenges to being a performer in a wheelchair and indeed there are some, but when an audience sees you climb on stage via a giant metal ramp, you kind of have their attention,” he said. It is through music that Hines is able to inspire others to have the same resilience.

“The Vehicle of Change Tour will be a very meaningful adventure and one that will connect us with so many wonderful people along the way,” says Hines.

In his latest album How We Fly, released May 14, he reminds us that we are unified in our fervor to overcome the struggles of life. The album is the follow-up to his 2011 U.S. debut Days To Recall. How We Fly features awe-inspiring songs that are not only representational of his profound songwriting, but are also the music of a generation that refuses to be divided by race, language and geographical barriers— from Africa to America. A stunning amalgamation of pop, country, folk and rock, Hines’s music is introspective and heartfelt, his story, touching and inspirational.

“I kind of feel like everybody’s kind of given me the foundation to metaphorically fly,” Hines said. “The making of it truly was a very sort of beautifully challenging thing.

The concert will take place at the Cranbrook Alliance Church at 1200 Kootenay St. North.

Tickets to this event are available at $20 each and are available at The Alliance Church, Lotus Books or online at EKBIA member’s tickets $15 and are only available at the door.

Check out Justin’s amazing story:

Justin was also recently featured on CBS Sunday Morning.



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