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Posted: September 26, 2011

Purcell Mountain Painters holding annual show

by Montana Cameron

Something different and exciting will be taking place down at Pynelogs Cultural Centre from October 4 – 16 as local painting group, the Purcell Mountain Painters, will be hosting their art show.

This group has held their annual show at Pynelogs for four years and as a group, have been a part of the Tour of the Arts each year. This will certainly be a show to make time to get out and see.

By Sandra Howard. Top piece by Sherry Mallach.

The Purcell Mountain Painters are an eclectic group of about 30 local artists who have formed a tight knight community as the group has existed for over a decade. They paint together every Tuesday morning, offer support to one another, give advice and critiques on each others’ work, share their materials, and help one another in whatever ways that they can. The group’s members include every range of skill levels, from true beginners to experienced and accomplished painters. One of the special aspects of this group is being able to watch the amazing progress of its members as time goes on.

About half of the group is planning to display pieces in the show and the artists so far confirmed includes: Elizabeth Stuart, Gwen Pratt, Barry Garbett, Sandra Howard, Sandra Brown, Rowena Sinha, Victoria Gordon, Laila Jensen, Wolfgang Kunze, Sherry Mallach, Tony Valentine, Erla Mottram, and Mary Webster.

The paintings will be a variety of mediums- ranging from oils, to acrylics, to watercolours, and will consist of a broad scope of subject matter.

The Purcell Mountain Painters are planning to hold their artist opening on the Wednesday night the first week of their show (October 5) and like the regular artist openings, should be an exciting time to see the show and ask questions, especially with such a large number of artists having work in the show.

Many of the artists are involved in a workshop the first week of the show as they are ever working to growing and expanding their creativity.

However, the second week of the show they are hoping to have a little more interaction with the public to really make a connection. The group is planning to have demonstrations taking place the second week where the public can view some of the artists at work, see some techniques in action, and have time to ask questions. Having a time to watch and converse with the artists like this is an incredible experience and one that you really won’t want to pass up!

This show is something a bit different from the usual gallery shows and will be a fantastic opportunity to get out and support true local talent. You will be blown away by what these artists have created!

If The Purcell Mountain Painters sounds like a group you are interested in being a part of, anyone who is interested in painting, in any medium, can join. Membership is $25 per year and $15 is given to the Seniors’ Centre for the use of their facility. So if you are a bit bored and lonely painting on your own, this may be the perfect opportunity for you!  For questions regarding the show, please don’t hesitate to contact Pynelogs Cultural Centre (250-342-4423).

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