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Posted: August 25, 2015

Purcell Mountain Painters in Gallery at Centre 64

By Mike Redfern

Rooster, by Sherry Malach
Rooster, by Sherry Malach

A group of artists from Invermere, the Purcell Mountain Painters (PMP), will bring their works to the Gallery at Centre 64 for an exhibition running from September 1 to 28.

PMP was formed about 15 years ago and currently has over 30 members. They include experienced and successful painters and first time artists. The purpose of the group is to help members to improve their skills, learn and share new techniques, and learn how to further their careers as artists.

This show at Kimberley’s Gallery at Centre 64 will feature paintings by both newer and more experienced artists, some of whom will be present at a public reception on Saturday, September 5, from 2 to 4 p.m., to talk about their work to those attending.

Hats, by Maureen Leitch.
Hats, by Maureen Leitch.

PMP artists have exhibited at Centre 64 previously, and we can expect to see landscapes and pictures of natural subjects featuring dominantly in this show. But members paint a wide variety of subjects and in a range of styles and mediums, from oils and acrylics to pastel and crayon.

Among the artists exhibiting in this show are Grace Allen, Sebastian Bell, Victoria Gordon, Wolfgang Kunze, Maureen Leitch, Sherry Mallach, Pat Roome, Elizabeth Stuart, Betty Ann Whittaker, Victoria Page and Patrick Yesh.

Lead image: Abstract by Betty Ann Whittaker.

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